Seeds of the New Culture

This series of books called, “Seeds for a new Culture” offers a contribution in establishing the theoretical foundations of a new culture and a new civilization whose universal laws, geometry and sound, open the way for a deeper awareness of our place in the greater scheme of things. It represents a true teaching emerging at the dawn of a new era: born from the triple seed of the Tibetan Master, Agni Yoga and the Science of Harmonics.




These innovative writings offer, for the first time, an opportunity to further develop the Science of Triangles originally brought to us by The Tibetan teacher.

In this new presentation, the energies of the seven Rays which constitute a cornerstone of the Teaching are declined according to the laws of sound to form a real and effective field of experimentation in which groups can be organized according to geometric, numerical and sound patterns.

Thus, a free and spontaneous structure emerges that organizes the whole without forcing it; where self-expression is for the benefit of the whole and its shared goal. An idea is birthed that a group is not simply a gathering of people, but a sound and scintillating energy network of great power that is capable of achieving goals that support the common good. The geometry of the six-pointed star teaches us the science of the bonds between human atoms, and similar to a crystal, these molecules unite in a living set of stars that are called in harmonic terms – “Lambdoma”.

In this way humanity is offered both a practical and spiritual solution for unification that is required now, as humanity becomes more “global”, but less united and considerably more disoriented.
These texts are therefore addressed to men and women willing to accept the role of avant-garde workers and pioneers of the new culture. Not only does the teaching express profound concepts and fascinating theories, but it offers a model and a project of planetary proportions.

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